Walden Bello on 36th EDSA Revolution Anniversary: F* you Marcos!

Vice-presidential aspirant Walden Bello posted a photo cursing Marcos on commemorating the 36th EDSA People Power Revolution anniversary.

Bello appeared agitated on Twitter when he shared an art piece condemning the Marcoses in honor of the 36th anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution. He reposted a picture generated by a Twitter user in his Twitter message. The image depicts a man who resembles Bello holding a f*ck y*u sign with the words “F*ck y*u, Marcos!” ”

“In the spirit of the holiday, I offer: F*ck you, Imelda, Imee, and most of all, f*ck you Marcos Sr. and Jr.! ” said Bello in his caption.

On his Twitter account, he also used the photo as his display picture or profile picture. Walden Bello is the presidential candidate Ka Leody de Guzman’s running partner and the chairperson of Laban ng Masa.

The EDSA Revolution or known as the “Bloodless Revolution,” in which millions of Filipinos boldly came on Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA) to hold a protest that ended former President Ferdinand Marcos Sr’s 21-years rule. Victims of martial law, human rights advocates, and campaigners also staged a protest, expressing their concern of the Marcoses reclaiming the monarchy.

Now Marcos Sr.’s son Bongbong Marcos Jr. is running for president. They urged Filipinos to vote no in the May elections for the dictator’s son Bongbong and his running mate, Duterte’s daughter Sara.

Despite his family’s history, Marcos’ namesake is expected to win the presidential race, according to polls. There were gross abuses of human rights and massive misappropriation of public finances under the clan patriarch’s two-decade reign. According to Amnesty International, 70,000 people were imprisoned, 34,000 were tortured, and 3,240 died as a result of martial law.


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