SMNI News goes to Oxford University in UK to investigate BBM’s Oxford Special Diploma

But before you watch the video from SMNI News, which was recorded and posted on Tiktok, please watch the video from Rappler posted in YouTube.

According to the Rappler reporter, BBM is a college dropout because he did not finish his PPE (Philosophy, Politics, Economics) degree and shifted to Social Sciences which he also did not finish, hence he just received a Special Diploma from Oxford. The Rappler reporter quoted Oxford University that those given Special Diploma were students who just reached their second year at the said university.

The Rappler reporter interviewed Oxford alumni and students who explained to him that BBM received Special Diploma because BBM failed in the preliminary exams which Oxford students need to pass and graduate. The Rappler reporter cited a BBM interview in 2016 admitting he failed, hence the reason why he shifted to another course. . .[Read More]

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