“Pambansang Sawsawera” RR Enriquez tries to knock some sense into another PBB alumna who called Toni Gonzaga self-proclaimed “Angel”

Another PBB alumna named Dionne Monsanto threw shades at Toni Gonzaga on Twitter generating 6,000+ likes from her followers, in the wake of her resignation letter from the PBB (Pinoy Big Brother).

Former Wowowee host and the self-proclaimed “Pambansang Sawsawera” RR Enriquez took to Facebook once again to defend Toni Gonzaga from the barbs from Monsanto.

RR Enriquez opened by stating that her FB post is to knock some common sense to those who are wondering and asking why Toni referred herself “Angel” when she is not angel for supporting BBM and Marcoleta.

Basically, RR Enriquez explained that Toni G was a host of PBB. When there was a thing as Charlie’s Angels, supposedly, there must be Kuya’s Angel’s too?

Why? Because Toni and fellow PBB hosts like Bianca and Mariel were Kuya’s helpers in the hosting tasks.

You may now read RR Enriquez original FB post below.

Commonsense para sa mga nag tataka at nagtatanong na bakit “Angel” eh hindi naman daw Anghel si Toni🤦🏼‍♀️😅 dahil sa ginawang pag support kay Bbm at sa nag vote sa Abs Cbn para matanggalan ng franchise…

She is a host of Pbb. Kung may Charlies Angels may Kuya’s Angels din dapat noh????🤣😅

You can also call your helpers angels para hindi naman nakaka degrade ng pagkatao nila para tawagin yaya or katulong…

You can call someone angel if you think she’s a big help for you❤️

Angels means katuwang mo sa mga gawain… Si Kuya ng Pbb ang mga katuwang nya sa gawain hosting etc. ay. sila Toni Mariel and Bianca. Clear na po dun sa mga Mema lang?😩😅
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