Leni Robredo’s statement during the DZRH interview regarding Ukraine as model in dealing with PH-China dispute boomerangs big time

During the Presidential interview hosted by DZRH, Leni Robredo was asked by Prof. Tonton Contreras regarding her foreign policy statement in light of the developments in Eastern Europe and Myanmar, particularly the Ukraine and Russia conflict. [Link here]

Basically, Robredo’s response was leaning towards using the Ukraine template in dealing with a bigger and far superior nation citing the Philippines-China dispute in the West Philippine Sea as an example. She said that Ukraine despite being a smaller country compared to Russia, it is holding its ground and willing to fight, despite the threat of invasion. Robredo credited Ukraine’s good and strong relations with allied countries as the reason it is possible for Ukraine not to bow down to Russia. That is why Robredo believed that the solution to the West Philippine Sea dispute with China is forging a strong alliances with allied countries. . .[Read More]

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