Netizens react to Ogie Diaz’s FB post taking a swipe at BBM: “Lord, kung magkakajowa ako, ang hiling ko lang, number 1 hindi, sinungaling…”

The Ogie Diaz-inspired News5 quote card has left thousands of netizens amused, if judging by the number of laugh emojis it generated in just 7 hours on Facebook.

In fact, of the 31,000+ reactions generated, 25,000+ netizens clicked the ‘laugh’ emoji while 4,200+ clicked like, signifying their vote of approval of the said quote card.

On January 27, 2022, Ogie wrote on his Facebook wall:

Nabasa ko lang…

‘Lord, kung magkakajowa ako, ang hiling ko lang, number 1 hindi, sinungaling. Number 2, in the difficult moments, nagpapakita.

Ogie Diaz ended the post saying he was amused while praising the OP for his/her very creative mind.

While the News5’s FB post amused thousands of netizens if judging by the number of ‘laugh’ emojis it generated, the comments from netizens tell a different story.

Obviously, the supporters of BBM though did not find Ogie Diaz’s post amusing as shown in the comments below. They responded in kind by mocking Ogie and Leni Robredo.

Paanong d magpapakita eh tinatago nyo.. Samantalang pati pag UTOT ni Leni binabalita nyo. Kahit walang ka kwenta kwentang issue nasa Mainstream Media lagi idol nyo.. Lels! 😂 . .[Read More]

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