Who is she trying to reach by this? Atty. Ahmed of the Luminous asks after Leni superwoman comic book surfaces online

Atty. Ahmed Paglinawan, also known as AGP of the Luminous, can't help but wonder who Leni Robredo was attempting to reach with the Superhero comic book.

Who is she trying to reach by this? The people in the provinces, who no longer read komiks because of the internet? The market vendors, who use komiks paper to wrap tuyo? The kids, who cannot vote?

Or us, who would say “She looks like an idiot in that costume”?
AGP asked.

AGP highlighted in the comic book one of Robredo's campaign phrases – to battle the forces of darkness – by doubting its existence? Given the existence of such a force, he questioned if Leni Robredo was capable of defeating the so-called allies of darkness. If that happens, Leni Robredo, according to AGP, would become much more worried.

Lalabanan nya ang mga “kampon ng kadiliman”? WTF? Meron bang ganyan? Sa edad nyang yan, nagpapaniwala sya sa ganyan? Palagay nating meron ngang mga “kampon ng kadiliman,” kakayanin nya kaya sila? Baka mabahala lang sya ng husto nyan.

Turning serious, AGP explained to Leni Robredo what ‘darkness‘ really is.

Now really, Leni, ang kadiliman ay walang kampon. It’s just the absence of light. Dala ka lagi ng flashlight siguro, para makita mo kung ano ba talaga yang kadiliman na yan.

AGP closed the brief Facebook post by heaving a frustrated sigh as he looked at the Leni Robredo comics one more time.


Leni Robredo, what are you doing to yourself?
Any Comment?

Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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