Netizen reviewed how the political game was deliciously played by PRRD, Here's Why!

Edwin Jamora, a Bicolano accountant and YouTuber residing in the United States, had nothing but appreciation for President Duterte's political maneuverings leading up to the last day of the substitute – the final piece of the puzzle being PRRD sending a proxy to submit his COC for senator.

Jamora reflected on how well the political game was played.

If you read his prior piece, Jamora was similarly wary of President Duterte's recent comments, particularly when his chat with YouTuber Banat By became widely circulated online.

But, after all of the political puzzle pieces were in place, Jamora could only bow his head to President Duterte, whom he referred to as "our Great Leader" for "covering all the bases." He stated it with a Master Class Genius Stroke!

You may now read Edwin Jamora’s original FB post below.


President – BBM, Anak ng Diktador.

Vice President – ISD, Anak ng Diktador.

Senate President – PPRD, Diktador.

House Speaker – GMA, Little Diktador.

Future Diktador Parlade’s run for President was not to win but to debate all candidates against Communism and their opposition to NTF-ELCAC, especially Manay Leni.

Ok. Pause for community laughing at this point.


They covered all the bases! This was nothing but a Stroke of Master Class Genius!

I bow to you our Great Leader.


Let us read some of the comments of netizens in reaction to Jamora’s FB post.

Hahhaa brilliant mind tlga exactly nice strategy for this administration ☺️ wrote one netizen.

welcome to the dictator era and l love it!! hahah commented another.

Looking forward to Presidential debate where gen. Parlade rebut Leni on Ntf elcac issue..he can be a future senator in midterm election come 2025 chimed in another commenter.

Puro diktador ah😂😂. Dyan may allergies ang mga wokes, ❤️💚 joked another netizen.

Lahat ng diktador ating iboboto para sa pag unlad ng bayan…another netizen urged fellow commenters to vote for all dictators.

U said it more than 200% korak Mahal na Reyna. That is exactly the whole plot. And to protect BBM too. Merun mga guard nkapalibot na.. Merun reserved.. Bravado.. Chess master Dadi Duts… God bless the phils, agreed another netizen on Jamora’s analysis.

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