Anti-Marcos socmed influencer concedes BBM inevitable winner based on the caravans, leaning towards BBM if he ticks all the boxes

Self-confessed anti-Marcos socmed influencer and Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu aka KLC conceded that while looking at the caravan of Marcos supporters held at the bailiwick of his closest pursuer in the survey rankings, she can’t help but already call BBM the inevitable winner in the 2022 polls.

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Looking at the caravans, I think it’s safe to say that at this point BBM is an inevitable winner—unless something major happens between now and May 2022.

The BBM caravan in Leni Robredo’s home province just cements that— evidence she doesn’t even have solid support in her province.

Because if Leni cannot have solid support in her province in a very regionalistic country, what hope does she have?

(I’m waiting for a major BBM ILOILO caravan, because Iloilo is supposedly even more YELLOW than Bicol. That would really punctuate everything.)

My friends who know I’m anti Marcos ask how I feel.

My feelings are complex: While I may not be a BBM supporter, i am super grateful that it’s not Leni who is leading the survey. I am SUPER SUPER GRATEFUL that she’s so far behind that it would take an admin sympathetic to her to give her a win. And that’s not the case, and no longer possible.

A Leni presidency is the worst case scenario for me. So right now despite my political belief, anti Marcoses like us who are even more anti Leni should look at this as policy-based support.

To ask from BBM the following:

1. FED PARL openness and discussion (Leni will never do this, she and her party demonizes any changes to the Constitution as if the 1987 Consti is gospel)

2. Support NTF ELCAC and see it right through to the very end (which Leni has already asked to abolish)

3. Continuation of all BBB (which Leni will never do because even now she’s attacking the infra as if they have a better solution.)

4. Continuation of all good projects started by PRRD government, and support of Go’s Department of OFW, etc.

Finally, I am so tired of a VP trying for five years to snatch the Presidential seat, because it has distracted us from pursuing our goals— so a Marcos/Duterte tandem will mean 6 years of unity in the highest positions of our land.

Sara would never do what Leni has been doing at the behest of her sponsors and benefactors. Because despite being caught between her father and partner, has shown such admirable restraint on how she has publicly dealt with the issue.

BG is an amazing, service oriented public servant—I stick by this because I’ve seen it myself—and if he doesn’t win now, still has 3 years left in the Senate, time he could realize his dream of EVERY Malasakit Center in EVERY public hospital, a dream he needs the next President and Congress to support.

I feel sad for BG that he is in such emotional flux because he has not mastered the art of nonchalance and stoicism in the highly charged and mercurial world of politics. He is so emotional because he is new to this. Someday he would be able to hide his frustration well—like many of our seasoned politicians.

Meanwhile whoever does not get the Presidency now should realize there is always a time for everything.


Source: Krizette Laureta Chu


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