The Marcoses', BBM's presidential bids are riding high on the newfound popularity of a Bagong Lipunan patriotic song on Tiktok

Krizette Laureta Chu, a Manila Bulletin writer and social media influencer, discussed a new trend on Tiktok in which youngsters play a song to their unsuspecting parents, uncles, titas, or grandparents and, to their astonishment, they still know the words decades later.

This Tiktok phenomena offered Krizette Chu an idea for how to reply to Leni Robredo supporters who still don't understand why, after decades of propaganda against the Marcoses, the Marcos name remains popular even among children today.

I'd like you to read Krizette Laureta Chu's original FB post below to properly grasp what I'm trying to express.

There’s this new trend on Tiktok where kids play this song to their unsuspecting parents or grandparents, and suddenly the elders start singing, surprised they still know the lyrics decades after. Apparently this is a Marcos era song sung in schools to stir nationalism, and hearing this brings back memories.

When pro-Leni supporters clamber up their horses and ask kids, “I can’t imagine how you are so pro Marcos! How come you’re so pro Marcos even while knowing the atrocities of the Martial Law years? Di ba kayo naturuan sa school?”

The answer is this: The kids trust their parents and grandparents more than they do what they perceive as “biased” media or the academe.

The only way you can convince these kids is that you convince their parents or grandparents to change their stories—and that is not possible.

Kids who have a good relationship with their parents will trust them more than they will trust the media—which is why we’re seeing a lot of new voters who are pro Marcos (plus there’s Sandro.)

If a child is asked to pick between the story of a Lola and/or Maria Ressa, you know whose version they will trust.

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